Security, Safety and Occupational Health
Security,Safety and Occupational Health

Occupational Safety and Health are aware of a very important aims to protect potential factories and plants work Accidental that may cause injuries to the worker's death or God forbid, as well as damage or damage to the property of enterprise workers

Planning and Project ManagementPlanning and project Management

Project planning requires structural development work, which will later form the basis of the project continue. Planning necessarily need to align the goals of the project with the organization's strategy and then put the key performance indicators to track performance.

Marketing, sales and customer serviceMarketing,Sales and Customer Service

Marketing is a set of processes or activities that are working to discover the desires of customers and develop a range of products or services that satisfy 
Customer service is a set of practices that aim to enhance the level of customer satisfaction Presented high quality results in customer satisfaction service

Finance and AccountingFinance and Accounting

Accounting is the science that studies the registration and classification of economic activities in accordance with the process of economic accounting system unit is in a specific time period 

Media and Public Relations
Media and Public Relations

Public relations is shaping public opinion about your product through an electronic projects or non-electronic, or view a product for a particular audience and create a positive aura around him, the media regulatory, social and constant change for the world


Law: a set of rules and principles that govern a society. The law is one of the most basic social .alniz importance and necessity
Human resources
Human Resources

Human Resources Management is working for organizations powers or human resources management
And specializes in attracting staff, selection, training, evaluation and reward employees, and also follow the organization's leadership and organizational culture


Administrative and self developmentAdministrative and Self development
Everybody strives for success, and in the modern changes and developments of the times and the pressure is urgently needed to understand ourselves becoming more how we think, how we build our confidence Bzutna points
Procurement and warehouse logistics
Procurement and warehouse logistic

Know purchases b (materials management) are integrated and responsible for planning and get all the needs of the organization from all the different varieties, stored 


Secretarial and Office ManagementSecretarial and Office Management
Preserve the secrets of working in the organization, whether these secrets private work or staff in the organization
Overseeing all administrative work
Facilitate the flow of transactions, and get the job done in a timely manner



Petroleum (Oil and Gas)
Petroleum Oil and Gas

Petroleum Engineering (or know-engineered oil) is the science of looking at how to track and search for citizen the presence of oil. This is summarized definition. The engineer in this area is working hard in the use of modern equipment and proficient in dealing with him
Areas of specialization

Reservoir engineering

Drilling Engineering

Production Engineering


Minerals and Mining Engineering is a competent engineering minerals and how adaptation and optimization of specifications to reach the target specifications to meet the needs and requirements of the work or project Ma.oadha this type of specialized engineering places and how the presence of minerals excavated and extracted and then extracted minerals processing

Quality and Production
Quality and Production

The main purpose of quality control is to ensure product quality and the lowest possible cost. In practice that can not be achieved only by controlling the production processes and reduce the occurrence of defective production and beyond the borders of Moasfat..tojd There are four practical steps to adjust the quality of industrial products


Banks and The Banking Sphere
Banks and the banking spher

The bank is a secure site, to save money in excess of the need for the bank usually pays annual interest on the origin of money saved in the absence of moving money saver for a period as agreed upon


Industrial and Civil and Structural Engineering
Industrial and Civil and structrual Engineering 

Industrial Engineering is interested in science that serves the art of mechanical design and production processes and various manufacturing and all that it serves basically as planning and design
Civil Engineering and Construction is a branch of engineering concerned with the study design and analysis of various civilian facilities Kalobnip residential and service roads, bridges

Engineering and maintenance programs
Engineering and maintenance programs

Maintenance at different stages of evolution passed. With the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and, until recently, was a common method of maintenance is a reaction method in the sense that when the machine breaks down, we fix them, but if the machine works well, it is not the work of any activity related to maintenance. It has also been the introduction of so-called computerized maintenance management system software systems which organizes maintenance within the industrial facility in order to improve the level of maintenance in general


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