International Training resort                                                                          

   International Training Resort ITR is a specialist in the implementation and organization of training courses in Egypt and Saudi Arabia and is currently world. Founded International Training resort for the implementation of training courses on the principles of excellence and expertise in order to make a quantum leap in the development of companies and individuals through unique expertise in all fields, and through the application of unique in terms of the implementation of the theoretical and practical training courses in a manner suited to the east of our society in terms of teaching style


International Training resort ITR in this training focuses on techniques that allow participants the opportunity to practice with the process in order to achieve the effectiveness of training, and leads to the exchange of experiences among the participants and trainees, and the most important of these methods:


  •      Lectures
  •     Substantive debate
  •      Laboratories
  •     Seminars and public debates
  •     Practical applications
  •     Exercises
  •     Training films
  •      Field visits
  •     Discussions
  •    Entertaining day for clients