International Training Resort Center  ( ITR )

We are pleased to welcome you to the ITR Center website by visiting our website. You will be able to learn about our history and highlights, as well as our latest training products and services. This site gives you a closer look at the vision and values ​​that our organization has pursued since its establishment in 2012, which stems from our firm commitment to support and develop human resources and business with the largest training institutions locally and globally.

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About Us | International Training Resort Center (ITR)

The International Training Resort Center (ITR) was established in 2012 in Alexandria, Egypt, and is implemented in the Middle East, North Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.


Its main objective is to provide training, consulting and strategic solutions, and thus seeks to provide services in the regional and international environment. The company is committed to developing a fingerprint in the field of developing human resources and work environments for all entities, companies, bodies and individuals in the private and government sectors, according to model plans to provide distinguished services that combine the needs of the labor market with all that is new in the field of training,


Our vision and mission:

We are the center of the International Training Resort (ITR), we are committed to the highest standards of quality in the implementation and we are keen to interact between the coach and the participants. We aim to be a strategic partner with our clients in developing their human cadres and we hope to become the preferred choice for training in the Middle East and North Africa and beyond.


"Integrity and respect are also core values ​​for us. We honor our promise and respect the time and effort of the participants in our courses as well as those responsible for them "


Our Way:

Use the highest professional standards and the latest methods in providing our consulting and training services with the best instructors and consultants.


Our Training Services:

General Courses:


These courses are offered through training plans developed by the International Training Resort (ITR), to suit all levels.


Contractual Courses:


These courses are held on demand or in particular to meet the training needs of a particular institution depending on the objectives of the institution to be achieved



The International Training Resort (ITR) is committed to providing an integrated report to the applicant for the training services on the progress of the programs and courses in order to confirm them and their disadvantages in order to avoid them in the following programs


Course language:

All courses are held in Arabic and English

Training Courses:

Advisory specialties:


Our Training Strategy:

Our professional strategy stems from the fact that training must be full of practical applications, realistic situations and brainstorming sessions that provide trainees with the necessary skills and expertise that will benefit them in their daily work. In order to activate this strategy, we aim to achieve the conditions necessary to create the ideal environment for the implementation of professional training, as follows:

Choose the perfect training room.
Choose the timing of the session to suit you.
Use the latest training techniques.
Close monitoring and rigorous evaluation.
Modernization and exchange of knowledge and scientific research.

Points of Excellence:

Multiple training services


The International Training Resort (ITR) is committed to providing a variety of training services to meet the needs of its customers,





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